Photo Essay

Events in international school in Jeju.

There are lots of events during studying in KIS Jeju. There are events that we can not see in normal Korean public school.There are events such as Fall / Spring of Art, fall festival, talent show, sports competition with other international school, and other events.

This is the picuture of our school's talent show. It is called Super Star KIS, and it held once a year. We voluteer for ourselves to show our talent to students and teachers in KIS Jeju. We picks 3 winners for each categories and the winners earn money.


This is the picuture of our basketball team. We have our own sports team that will against other international schools in Korea. We have soccer, basketball, athletics, volleyball, and etc that represents our school. We play with other schools once or more during the seasons. Our of our teams won the plays during the seasons.

This is picture of the Jazz band playing. In our school we have Jazz band, and Rock band. Studnets are voluteer for playing instruments. Twice a month we perform to student and teacher. Jazz band teacher choose the songs, and you play how teacher wants. However in Rock band, we choose our own songs, and we can play freely.

This is the picture of the our spring concert. We had concert band team and chrous team. Those are students who volunteer for playing instruments such as flute, trumpet, sexophone, tuba, and other insturments.We play to parents, students, and teachers twice a year. Students are really enjoying to play in concert band and chrous.


This is the picture during survice Leading and Learning trip. All of the students in grade 7+ are going to outside of Korea, and others students are staying Jeju to give survices. During survice Leading and Learning trip. This year grade 7 went to Taiwan and gave survice to orphans, and travled around the Taiwan.


We have field day almost end of the school year. We pop out the water balloons, throw bean bags, running around, playing volleyball, basketball and other athletics sports that we can play in school. This is one of the fun events that happens during the year. We don't care about academy that day, and play as fun as we could play.

We have our own drama class. Students who wants to be in drama, they volunteer for drama class and practice 4~5 months to perform front of students. They perform twice a year during fall / spring art show. During watching the drama that perform by students, we laugh out and enjoy about students playing.


Movie Review : Mao's Last Dancer

I saw the movie called Mao's last dancer last week Sunday. The movie called "Mao's last dancer" is the real story about Li cunxin (Chinese). This movie directed by Bruce Beresford in 2009. This movie was organialize by book called "Mao's last dancer" by Li cunxin.

1. Themes

There are few themes in this movie. Those are :

1. Biology
2. Drama
3. Romance

2. Characters

There are lots of characters in this movie. They are :

1. Li Cunxin : who is the main charater of this movie. He is from China. He is goes to the United states to dance without family.
2. Teacher Chan : who is the teacher of Li Cunxin. He inspried Li to enjoy the ballet, when he wasn't enjoying. He talked about a frog in the wall.
3. Mary Mclcendry : who is the Australian ballerina. She is the second wife of Li, and dance partner of Li.

3. Setting

Basically, there are 3 big setting in this movie.
1. China : where Li Cunxin lived when he was young.
2. United Sated : where Li Cunxin lived and performanced when he become adult.
3. Austrila : where Li Cunxin living after marrying with Mary Mclcendry.

4. Plot

The movie started by Li visting the United State. However, this movie is inverse order. It means that the movie isn't in chornological order. It switchs with past and present. If I talk in chornological order, he born in China and study hard in China. He becomes the chosen one for represent his hometown and goes to Beijing. He doesn't like to ballet at that point. However he met the teacher called Chan, and he talkes about frog in the wall, and give video. He saw the video that Mr. Chan gave. He saw that Mr. Chan ballet freely in the stage. So he move to United State where he can dance freely and have new advangture with new culture and FREEDOM.

5. My opinion aoubt this movie

I liked this movie, because this movie inspired me in lots of ways. This movie tought me how to lead others well to people who is around me, and how to succes on things that I enjoy to do. I think this is the top 5 movie that inspired and gave moral lots to me. If I rate this movie, I will give 4 out of 5.

6. Two questions that I have to answer

1. What lessons can you learn from this movie?
I learned that if you try best, you can do every thing. During this movie, Li tries his best in ballet, and become the best and powerful ballerino in US. I thought if I try best I can be best on particular part. 

2. What qualities of leadership can you learn from the characters in "Mao's Last Dancer"?
For Chan, I learned how to lead others well. I learned that great leaders can give hope and let others to try to become best.


Three Things I know to be True (Self Introduction)

Hi, my name is Sunghun Choi. I'm studying in Jeju.
The picture below is the school that I'm going now. It is called KIS Jeju.

The three things about me :

1. Running

2. Certificate

3. New Zealand

The picture below is the two friends with uniform in my athletic club. Those two are my team for relay. My first thing about me is running.
Our relay team won 4th with whole of international school is Jeju, except Branksome Hall.
There were high school students during events.
However, we won the our high school teams. I ran 100m, 200m, 300m. For 100m, I ran in around 13.5 sec. For 200m I ran less than 25 sec.
I really enjoy to run, and try to run faster.

The picture below is the few of the certificate that I have.
I have few certificate that represent me.
Most of them is the certificate about the computer.
For me, I have certification of 2nd grade of Computer Application, and certification of 1st grade of Word Processor.
Except computer certificate, I have certificate about Taekwondo.
I'm trying really hard for getting the other computer certificate.
I'm hoping for me to get other computer certificate in this summer vacation.

The pictures blow is the few of picture during traveling in New
Zealand. From the top, the first one is the picture in Sheep shows, and the bottom one is the front of the one of the library in the New Zealand.
I had really great summer vacation when I was 4th grade.
I traveled to New Zealand, and Australia for 3 months.
During traveling, I learned new cultures and traditions.